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You want to encourage questions, but not get bogged down with them.

Joy Katz on Brenda Hillman’s “Time Problem”

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Time Problem - Poem by Brenda Hillman

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Time Problem

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Remarkably, Brenda Hillman’s “Time Problem” contains that daughter, but it contains lots of other things, too. The poem doesn’t stay with the girl (she even weeps), or with any of its other subjects, for long.

Joy Katz on Brenda Hillman’s “Time Problem”

(“Time Problem“ by Brenda Hillman) My time sense has been doing odd things, lately. I’m in that sort of anxious limbo between drafts, waiting for my betas to offer feedback and making preemptive notes on problems they could find but not daring to make any actual changes in case they don’t.

Story: Bacchanalia By: Deep Inside Lizzie Codes: MF, FF, MM, MMF, MFF, M+F, F+M, Mf, ff, MMf, Mff, M+f, f+M, mF, mm, mmF, mFF, m+F, F+m, pedo, cons, mc, oral, anal. Brenda Hillman, “Time Problem” from Loose Sugar. Copyright © by Brenda Hillman. Reprinted with permission of the author and Wesleyan University Press.

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