Electoral reform in nigeria problems and

That money must be received by August 11th or else elections will not take place.

Electoral reform

Nigeria has ample room for growth, and the potential is very visible. The following excerpts from the report by the Transition Monitoring Group are indicative of general texture of the elections: Now that the new president has been sworn in, there is much to learn from the elections.

But this will do little to curb the behaviour of paramilitaries operating semi-autonomously.

Imperatives for Electoral Reform in Nigeria Essay Sample

Despite these triumphs, some obstacles threatened the group. Although government officials had publicly vowed to punish perpetrators of political violence during the election, but little the people realised that this were empty statements. Butler viewed electoral reform as change in electoral system to improve how public desire are expressed in election results.

Hitherto, electoral violence in Nigeria used to be recorded within the period of the exercise. Even before the presidential elections, and indeed at the party conventions, we had full knowledge of the bad signals pertaining to the enormous breach of the rules and regulations of democracy elections.

Nigerian nationals abroad have never been accommodated in the transition process particularly as voters. Additionally, few of these parties can boast of impressive numbers of genuine members who are psychologically and materially committed to the parties.

The annulled June 12, general election was different from many elections that had been held in Nigeria in that, it was at the instance of many international observers and the election was said to have been free and fair. Contrary to this provision, the commission is only seen to being sued rather than sue especially where there is report of electoral malpractices and fraud.

These are the pluralist character of the Nigerian society and the professed ideology commitment of its political associations. The Head of state himself confirmed this in his speech: One of these is the re-orientation of the personnel of the security services on their election duties.

Magaji, the court held that a petition that fails to contain the requirement provided under paragraph 5 4 of the schedule 6 to Decree No. For them, survival implies political parties garnering minimum votes during elections to ensure their presence on the electoral field; while success entails dominating elective public office.

It appears now that there is no constitutional discrimination against the women, but what about electoral discrimination. Violence has persisted in electoral contest in the country.


The political parties in the Fourth Republic are quite deficient in their ideological commitment compared to their forebears in the First and Second Republics.

nigeria's new electoral act & election problems Monday, August 2, After much delay, Nigeria's Electoral Act is practically amended as all that remains is the President's stamp of approval.

electoral reform in nigeria: challenges and opportunities Since the electoral meltdown in the General elections, each Election Day has raised new alarms that the foundation of our democracy the right to vote in free and fair elections remains beset with varied problems.

ELECTORAL REFORM IN NIGERIA: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Since the electoral meltdown in the General elections, each Election Day has raised new alarms that the foundation of our democracy the right to vote in free and fair elections remains beset with varied problems.

One would then think that the Electoral Reform Committee (ERC) inaugurated by the late President, Alhaji Umaru Yar‟ Adua on 28th August with the mandate to review and ensure quality and standard general elections would address some of the pertinent issues of Nigeria‟s electoral democracy.

Legal Framework

problems of the e-voting option in the electoral process of Nigeria (ii) examine the prospects of e-voting in the democratic process in Nigeria and (iii) finally make recommendations on the way forward over the application of e-voting in democracy and the electoral process in Nigeria.

Nigeria, a relatively new democracy, has held only four presidential elections to date, three out of four times electing members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Nigerians were frequently dissatisfied with the results of the past elections, often suggesting the .

Electoral reform in nigeria problems and
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