Problems of indian festivals

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It causes soil erosion, destruction of wetlands and wide migration of solid wastes. While I talked about colonization that Ganesha brings there is more to it. Everything is very exclusive.

Short essay on Importance of Festivals of India

Again inLeeds Festival recycled Ifelizabeth made England protestant however, He would organisecatholic countries to attack it. The waste water generated in these areas normally percolates in the soil or evaporates. And this garbage, far from being eco-friendly, is extremely hazardous for the environment as it comprises of chemicals like phosphorous, sulphur and potassium chlorate, and tonnes of burnt paper.

Festivals are an important part of our life. Diwali or Dipavali, a festival of lamps or light is another excellent festival. The reslt, Malthus theorised, is an equilibrium population that enjoys low levels of both income and Environmental quality.

Solid waste policy in India Trash and garbage disposal services, responsibility of local government workers in India, are ineffective.

This Diwali make a pledge to reduce environmental pollution, not increase it. In several occasion it also becomes a reason to spread happiness by meeting and greeting your extended families. Air pollution is also the main cause of the Asian brown cloudwhich is causing the monsoon to be delayed.

However, India was the third largest emitter of total carbon dioxide in at 1. Hinduism is considered as the oldest organized religion of the world as well as counted as the third largest religion of the world. But there are numerous children who are employed by the firecracker industry, who sit late into the night making crackers for your children to burn in an instant.

InIndian government created the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Over Indian cities dump untreated sewage directly into the Ganges River.

Christ lived and died for man and so should we. A collapse of agricultural output and severe shortages of potable water may influence million residents in India.

All of this is happening while the same devotees criticize gang rapes happening around. British India also enacted laws aimed at controlling air pollution. Image shows solid waste pollution along a Jaipur street, a image. Upon independence from Britain, India adopted a constitution and numerous British-enacted laws, without any specific constitutional provision on protecting the environment.

According to a British thinker Malthusfor example, a growing population exerts pressure on agricultural land, causing environmental degradation, and forcing the cultivation of land of higher as well as poorer quality.

Firecrackers are made using harmful chemicals and acids, and these children work from dawn to dusk, breathing such harmful fumes and coming into constant skin contact with the acids.

By Vikash Pathak Festivals in India carry important messages. It creates a feeling of equality. Festivals of India Indian Festivals India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions. All types of people — great or small — meet at the same level.

Indeed, forget waste segregation and recycling directive of the India's Supreme Court, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that up to 40 percent of municipal waste in India remains simply uncollected.

The State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. He should fight for what is right. Noise Pollution 'Bombs' are a favourite amongst kids, and the noisier the better.

Every religion thinks that it is right. They burn their hands, legs and eyes, and many get miamed for life. These significant monetary incentives led to people cleaning up after themselves, and in some cases for students like us who had a few days in Berlin coming up, cleaning up after others.

A collapse of agricultural output and severe shortages of potable water may influence million residents in India. It teaches another lesson, too. Holi comes to teach a great lesson. God helps those who depend upon Him.

A Festival Of Lights or Pollution? This Diwali make a pledge to reduce environmental pollution, not increase it.

Environmental issues in India

Do you encourage your kids to burn firecrakers on Diwali? India the second most polluted country in the world A study conducted by the Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago has revealed that India is the world's second most polluted country.

India has also enacted a set of Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules in InIndian government created the Ministry of Environment and Forests. This ministry is the central administrative organisation in India for regulating and ensuring environmental protection. While festivals should start a new period of more clarity, they generally spread dirt and filth.

From the Ganesh idols in the west to the Durga idols in east, no stone is unturned to pollute the sea. The air is polluted, so is the water, the sound is polluted and so is the very essence. Indian Festivals are celebrated across the world because the Indian people areeverywhere in the world.

some of them are doing jobs abroad or some of them are good big businessmen But no one can left Indian culture and festival celebrating. festivals colours our life in anew way.

Short essay on Importance of Festivals of India. Category: Important India On December 26, By Vikash Pathak. Festivals in India carry important messages.

Some of the important Hindu festivals are Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. In Bihar Chhath is a great festival.

Problems of indian festivals
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A Festival Lights or Pollution? - Festivals - Diwali