The problem youths face

Many become addicted to drugs and harm themselves when they cannot get results. The latest edition of bullying is cyberbullying. That nationalism - not for Britain, but for Pakistan - was evident last week during the Eid celebrations at the end of Ramadan when Asian youths drove around the town waving large Pakistani flags from their cars.

Though it is believed that everything is predestined in our lives, we still are responsible for our deeds since God has provided us a brain to think before doing anything.

But we cannot take much more of these attacks. Youths are somewhat like green apples. Cyber addiction impairs the quality of their lives. We need to look at ways to help teens, our parenting skills, stop complaining and take responsibility for what we are exposing our teens to right now.

Why should we do it in matters of the Bible, the church and religion. Frequently, teens arrive at decisions which conflict with their own skills or fields of interest. Youth is a time for preparing for future life. You just know it will happen.

There are already strict gun-control laws in Baltimore, but that has not stopped that city from becoming the fifth most dangerous in the nationdragging the entire state down when it comes to violent crime statistics.

Top 10 Challenges Youths Face Today

They start drinking at 8 a. The sad fact is, even in solid and stable family units, teenagers may face with uncertainly, confusion and wrong directions involving their lives.

Final Thoughts Problems that teenagers are faced with today are multifarious but interrelated in many cases. According to the American Psychological Commission on Violence and Youth, a history of child abuse, parental indifference or neglect, poverty, family violence, and drug use, among other factors, directly contribute to teens' violent tendencies.

Top 15 Common Social Problems Youth Face

However, using the internet, particularly the social networking websites, unsafely puts the teenagers at very high risk for many problems. If they are not allowed to ripen they will only be hard and bitter. You are most fortunate if you have parents who love you and love the Lord to instruct you in His ways.

One talent youths must develop is the ability to stand even if they have to stand alone. Provide a healthy and complete meal whenever you pack it or put it on the table. They resent generalizations suggesting all teens cause trouble.

Puberty changes tempt teenagers to compare themselves with people around them and when they find they do not match their standards, they feel low. When the teens face self-esteem and body image problems, they can become frustrated, resulting in eating disorders. Teachers can also ensure safe browsing of the web at schools and colleges for teenage students.

Computer games and online chatting can result in addiction. We can understand why some youths get bored with life so early. Youth problems Today it is fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago alcohol, fights, murders and other kinds of violence were more problems of adults rather than young people.

But now, as official reports admit, violence, AIDS, drugs and alcohol are. Some issues have always been there but are now coming to the eyes of the public to find solutions. Other issues are new trends as society begins to adapt to a faster pace of life. Below are the top 10 issues facing our youth today.

Single Parent Households. The problems begin at home. Dec 07,  · Pakistani gangs are targeting us, say fearful black youths Thirty years after Afro-Caribbeans in Walsall successfully fought off white skinhead thugs, their children face.

Jul 20,  · Top 10 Problems and Issues Teenagers Face. Updated on April 29, sofs. more. Contact Author. Are Teenagers the Problem? I was pushed into writing the ' Top ten problems teenagers face' after I attended a school program, where I had the opportunity to interact with other parents of teenagers.

The normal flow of conversation Reviews: Youths need to face the problem of social pressure called peer pressure. There is tremendous pressure to do what those around you are doing.

All people, young and old, are subjected to the pressure to conform in order to be accepted and liked by others. Coping with the various expectations of the society, such as scoring well in college examinations, holding a job, having a good social life and so on makes life tough .

The problem youths face
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Today's Youth Faces Today's Problems